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March 31, 2022

Springtime Sensations

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It’s the time of year to champion local produce. The Nest’s new cocktail list celebrates the season featuring five ingredients – Beetroot, Pear, Rhubarb, Strawberries and Lemongrass, demonstrating that you don’t need to use the exotic and extravagant to make your cocktail list relevant and seasonal.

The Nest's Spring Cocktails

Learn more about how The Nest's Bar team are championing seasonal produce for their latest menu.

Beetroot  ‘Purple Daisy’ & ‘Beetroot Gimlet’ 

Our beetroots are sourced in Shropshire on the Welsh borders.  We decided to utilise Golden + Red Beetroot, as they not only contrast each other in terms of flavour, but also give a beautiful colour contrast. The Negroni is a timeless classic, a drink you can order around the world. Twists on Negronis are also commonplace. The White Negroni – often using an Aperitif such as Suze – is also a popular drink. We thought the structure of this cocktail would perfectly suit the earthy, rounded notes of the Golden Beetroot. Combining Sipsmith London Dry Gin, Italicus and a homemade Golden Beetroot Cordial, and garnished with a dehydrated red beetroot, it is a refreshing tipple to enjoy in the spring sunshine.  

The Red Beetroot is striking, both in flavour + colour. It must be the focal point for this creation. We decided to incorporate into a ‘Daisy’ style cocktail. Paired with Gin, Triple Sec and fresh citrus, this is a beverage that will treat both your taste buds and your eyes. 

Strawberry + Basil  ‘Royal Kiss’ & ‘Basil Shrub’ 

Strawberry is widely considered the most quintessential of British fruits. Paired with fragrant Basil, it takes on another dimension of flavour. Our first tipple, the Royal Kiss, started the creative process as a twist on a classic Gimlet. As we played around with different combinations, we found that the addition of Champagne really took this drink to the next level. Sophisticated, and yet playful at the time. The beautiful Basil on the nose, and a deep red Strawberry colour, this is not a cocktail to be missed. 

Our next creation was born from the idea of having a Tiki style drink on the menu. Building of a base of Rum + Triple Sec, we added a homemade component, a Strawberry + Basil Shrub. Cocktail shrubs combine water, fruit, sugar and vinegar to create an acidic syrup that adds depth and complexity when mixed into a cocktail. Finished off with a dash of Overproof Rum, this is certainly a drink to sip under the springtime sun. 

Pear ‘Nest Martini’ & ‘A’Pear’ 

What do you pair with a Pear? Our first cocktail is a twist on the classic Gibson – a Martini that is famously garnished with a pickled onion. ‘The Nest Martini’ starts with a base of Tanqueray Gin, combined with Pear infused Lillet – a French wine-based Aperitif and garnished with a slice of pickled pear. With the floral notes of the Gin combining with the tart acid of the Pear, this is a cocktail for anyone with a love of the classics. 

To contrast the nuanced take on a Pear’s flavour – as proven in ‘The Nest Martini’ – what better than a refreshing Hi-Ball cocktail? Starting with a homemade Pear Puree, pairing that with Avallen Calvados, fresh citrus and a dash of spiced rum - we’ve created a drink that one could seemingly drink all day! 

Rhubarb ‘Rhubarb Margarita’ & ‘Rhubarb Cooler’ 

Is there anything that opitimises the British springtime more than a Rhubarb dessert? But how does one translate this sweet yet tart flavour to a cocktail? Our first creation is the Rhubarb Margarita. Using a homemade Rhubarb Puree and pairing the tart Rhubarb with the natural spice and earthiness of the Agave found in our Tequila, it is truly a match made in heaven. Garnished with a slice of candied Rhubarb for those with a sweet tooth.  

With better weather fast approaching (fingers crossed!), a White Wine Cooler was a style of drink we always wanted to introduce to our spring menu. Combining the fresh, floral notes of our Pinot Blanc with our homemade Rhubarb and Cardamom Juice creates a flavour profile that one may not expect! Add to this St Germain Elderflower Liqueur and served with an amuse bouche of Prosecco and Rhubarb, this is proving to be an instant guest favourite. 

Lemongrass ‘Citronella’ & ‘Lemongrass Bellini’ 

Everyone knows that citrus is a vital component of so many classic cocktails. But with Lemongrass, we can build on these citrus flavours, and take our drinks in a direction you may not expect. Our Lemongrass Bellini, made with our secret purée recipe, truly gives you the refreshment one needs. The aroma of the drink hits you instantly, followed by the lovely dryness of the Prosecco.  

Last, but certainly not least, is our Lemongrass Hi-Ball, Citronella. Pairing Lemongrass with Sage in a homemade cordial, the flavour combination instantly lent itself to a long tequila cocktail. Infusing our Tequila with Lemongrass for 24 hours really elevates the drink to the nest level. Add in a small amount Dry Vermouth, and you have our ‘Citronella’. Garnished with both Mint and Lemongrass, for an aesthetic and an aroma that one will remember.  

View the menu and book a table for cocktails at The Nest here.

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