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February 28, 2022

Out and about with the Marylebone Walkers

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What better place to walk your dog than in Marylebone and with Marylebone Walkers?  Smack in the middle of London and close to some of the best parks available: Regents and Hyde Park, Marylebone really is the idea dog social playground.

dog sitting in a bicycle basket

Dominique Billa, founder of the Marylebone Walkers shares her favourite local places to explore in our neighbourhood.

We often joke that walking dogs is no walk in the park…even though it is essentially exactly that.  Our dog walkers at Marylebone Walkers take so much care in making sure dogs are fully exercised, happy and just having the bestest time on their walks and outings, that it means having to be switched on and engaged at all times.

Marylebone Walkers collect dogs on foot where they get to sniff about on a 10 to 15 minute street walk while they head to either Regents Park, Hyde Park or Primrose Hill for the rest of their 60 to 90 minute walk.  

What are Marylebone Walkers’ favourite Parks and Garden Squares in the local area?

There are so many amazing squares and parks in London and in particular in the Marylebone area. I would have to say a go to is definitely Regents Park. Besides being beautiful and so well equipped, it is an amazing park to socialise dogs. We organise so many playdates there and all of our dogs have their own little crews and dog friends it really is magical. You can also get lost on the gorgeous pathways and forget that you are right in the middle of the city, while admiring the landscape and the swans! Additionally, if and when we are on our longer walks, we wander over to Primrose Hill which is right next door, and has breathtaking views as well as soooooo many pawesome dog furriends!

Paddington Square Garden is also a lot of fun in the mornings - although being a small garden square, it is a great place where dogs gather round to say hello and have a quick play.

What are the hidden gems of Marylebone? 

Although we spend a lot of time outside and exploring, most of our time is spent in the parks and green areas. One of our favourite mews is definitely Devonshire Close. It is just so pretty and well kept. Another amazing Mews is Gloucester Place Mews. The mews is filled with gorgeous flowers, gnomes, statues, much for dogs to sniff and explore and be curious about!

What is the best pet shop?

I really love PetLondon on Wigmore Street! They have such a great selection of toys and gadgets and cool dog clothes too.

Top tips for walking dogs in the city?

I would say be prepared. It is so important to make sure you have all you and your pup need: your poo bags, treats, an umbrella or definitely a rain coat (including one for your dog!), toys to play with in the park 
and a foldable water bowl to make sure your pup can stay hydrated whenever he or she needs.

I would also map out the more quiet streets and mews to walk through on the way to the park. And definitely take note of dog friendly pubs and cafes; they are a lot of fun!

How do you make nervous dogs at ease in the busy streets in London?

Our aim is to try and make sure dogs always feel safe and secure, which can sometimes be a challenge in the busy streets of London. We work with the dogs, talk to the dogs and go at their pace. If a dog stops, 
we stop. We try to reason with them, give them the time they need, and give them a lot of reassurance. Dogs do like familiarity in order to feel safe, so we try and follow similar routes for more nervous dogs. 
We also always carry treats, which is a game changer, and a fun squeaky toy which helps distract them from their fear. Depending on the dog, we pet them, rub their ears...learn what makes them feel secure. We 
actually walk a dog who lives on a busy road and does not like it. She is so sweet, that every time we stop at a traffic light she gives us her paw. We either hold her paw while we wait for the light to change, or 
she places her paw on our foot as to say "you got me". It really is the sweetest thing.

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