October 10, 2022

5 top tips from a leading life coach

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To mark World Mental Health Day we caught up with leading life coach, Jaqueline Hurst, who shares her top tips and five everyday things you can do to be kind to your mind.

1. Live for you

A huge part of many of my clients’ lives is taken up by taking care of everyone else, leaving them no time for themselves. It is no wonder they are exhausted and stressed out. When life gets like this, it is important to check your motives and reasons for doing things. For example, are you saying yes to people because you are worried that they might not like you if you say no?  Remind yourself every day that you can’t make everyone in your life happy and try to begin to make the best decisions for yourself, instead of others, first. You will immediately see how life gets easier and a lot less stressful.

2. Worry less

I teach my clients that worry is a feeling, created by a thought. Once we realise that worrying will not change our outcome, we can begin to accept whatever is going to happen.  No amount of worry is going to help you; it can only ever hold you back. Worrying doesn’t make you better. So, start to become more conscious of what you are thinking about and start to become aware when you are thinking negative thoughts that are creating the worry – then turn them into happier thoughts, which create calm.

3. Feed your soul

I believe we are all born with something that we are amazing at. Whatever your passion, or whatever you enjoy in life, make a resolution to feed your soul with what inspires you.  You will know when you are doing something you feel inspired by because your spirit will lift. If you are not sure what your passion is, then start to try new things and different activities until you find a few that give you that feeling of real happiness inside. Allow your mind to wander into what your world looks like when it is filled with doing the things you love.

4. Stop comparing

Social media is full of six-packs, idyllic beach scenes, yachts, perfect pets and immaculate styling. We get to see people’s highlight reels; it’s very unlikely to be everyday life for the person you are looking at. It is important to remember that we all have ups, downs and struggles in life, and yet no one is posting about that stuff. So, remind yourself every time you choose to look at what other people are doing that comparing your life with those of others is a total waste of your time. Use your mind wisely and spend your energy on things that you love about you, instead of comparisons!

5. Gratitude

Being thankful for what you have now is imperative to a happy life. One of my favourite sayings is that “we cannot be miserable and grateful at the same time”. Choosing  gratitude on a daily basis can really bring joy into your life. A gratitude list daily before you go to bed or when you wake up will help you turn your mind into a much happier more powerful place.

Jacqueline Hurst joins us at The Nest on Saturday 22nd October for a breakfast Q&A where she'll sharing her top tips on how to feel, perform and live better Discover more here. 

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