April 14, 2023

The Coronation Quiz

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As we look forward to the Coronation of HM King Charles III, our Treehouse London team have put together a Coronation Quiz as we get into the celebratory spirit at Treehouse. Test out your royal knowledge with these multiple choice brain teasers!


1. Where will King Charles be crowned?

Buckingham Palace/ St George’s Chapel, Windsor/ St Paul’s Cathedral/ Westminster Abbey

2. What name will King Charles rule under?

Charles I/ Charles II/ Charles III/ Charles IV

3. What is the name of King Charles’ Queen?

Camilla/ Catherine/ Charlotte/ Elizabeth

4. Who will conduct the Coronation?

Archbishop of Canterbury/ Archbishop of York/ Bishop of London/ Prime Minister

5. Who will succeed King Charles to the throne?

George/ Harry/ Louis/ William

6. Who’s crown will be placed on King Charles’ head during the Coronation service?

St. Andrew’s/ St. Edward’s/ St. George’s/ St. Patrick’s

7. How many Pages of Honour will attend to their Majesties?

2 / 4 /  8 / 12

8. What date in May is the Coronation due to take place?

1st / 6th / 16th / 31st

9. How many Coronation’s have taken place in Westminster Abbey?

3 / 9 / 39 / 309

10. Who was crowned on Christmas Day 1066?

Henry VIII / Queen Victoria / Richard the Lionheart / William the Conqueror

11. Before King Charles, who was the oldest monarch to ascend to the British throne?

Charles I /  Charles II / Edward VII / Edward VIII

12. Before becoming King, King Charles was known as the Prince of where?

England / Ireland / Scotland / Wales

13. How many guests have been invited to attend the Coronation?

1,000 /  2,000 / 12,000 / 20,000

14. The anointing oil used in the Coronation service comes from where?

Mount Etna / Mount of Olives / Mount Rushmore / Mount Sinai

15. Which flower does NOT appear in the Coronation emblem?

Daffodil / Shamrock / Sunflower / Thistle

16. Whose Coronation was the first to be televised?

Edward VII / Elizabeth II / George V/ George VI

17. Historically, which Duke is in charge of the Coronation Committee?

Duke of Earl / Duke of Edinburgh / Duke of Hazzard / Duke of Norfolk

18. Which coach will transport King Charles on his Coronation day?

Majestic Coach / Monarch Coach / Royal Coach / State Coach

19. Which Head of State will NOT be attending King Charles’ Coronation

Emperor Haruhito / President Biden / President Higgins/ President Macron

20. The Coronation throne is made from which material?

Gold / Marble / Silver/ Wood


Answers: Westminster Abbey/ Charles III/ Camilla/ Archbishop of Canterbury/ William/ St. Edward’s/ 8/ 6th/ 39/ William the Conqueror/ Edward VII/ Wales/ 2,000/ Mount of Olives/ Sunflower/ Elizabeth II/ Duke of Norfolk/ State Coach/ President Biden/ Wood. 

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