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August 26, 2022

Settle’s top tips to reduce your dog’s carbon footprint on International Dog Day

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Happy International Dog Day! 2022 felt like an important year to celebrate our four-legged friends by encouraging you to consider ways to look after the planet they enjoy exploring.

Sustainable dog bed brand Settle is sharing their tips on small changes you can make to improve your dog’s carbon footprint:

Have a look at your dog’s diet

Did you know beef has the biggest carbon footprint of all meat? If there’s one small change you can make to your dog’s diet, avoiding beef is a great step towards a more sustainable lifestyle for your dog. Thankfully there’s lots of amazing new dog food brands who are prioritising being environmentally conscious. From their recyclable packaging to some interesting plant-based options, there’s plenty of choice enabling you to make the nutritious and sustainable choice.

Join the ‘Plogging’ movement

Never heard of it? You might be doing it already. All it is, is a mash-up of picking up litter and jogging...Plogging! It’s a great way to help clean up the plastic pollution in your local area and tire out your dog at the same time. Recycle as much of it as you can and go home knowing you’ve done your good deed for the day.

Make your grooming green

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is an ingredient you’ll find in most dog shampoos. SLS is derived from palm oil or fossil fuels, both of which are harmful to the environment, so definitely something to be avoided on your journey to becoming a more eco-friendly dog owner. Look for biodegradable formulas that’ll leave your dog feeling squeaky clean.

Rethink how you scoop your dog’s poop

Sadly, those biodegradable bags you’ve been using won’t break down in landfill (where the majority of dog poop ends up). They are also responsible for releasing a huge amount of damaging methane gas into the environment. Try making your own garden compost heap and use your dog’s poop to feed your plants instead - just make sure you don’t use the compost on any fruit or vegetables that you plan on eating!

Buy an eco-friendly dog bed

Last but not least, treat your dog to an eco-friendly dog bed! At Settle, our beds are supportive, sustainable, and stylish. Our super plump filling is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and our machine washable covers are made from recycled polyester and printed using biodegradable inks.

The best part? Doggy guests at Treehouse get to rest their heads on a Settle bed. Book the Ulti-Mutt Staycation and get access to an exclusive discount to purchase your dog’s very own Settle bed.


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