Pip Restaurant at Treehouse Hotel Manchester Pip Restaurant at Treehouse Hotel Manchester


Chef Mary-Ellen McTague takes an innovative and conscientious approach to cooking, crafting new flavours from unconventional ingredients.


+44 1615 530 055 @pip.mcr


Mary-Ellen McTague and her team will reimagine local culinary heritage through seasonal, low waste menus prepared using the bountiful produce of the North West. Diners can expect dishes that innovatively showcase the potential of each ingredient.

Open throughout the day, Pip will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a convenient grab-and-go option for busy city dwellers.


Taking Root Late Summer 2024

Pip will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Chef Mary-Ellen McTague Middle

About Mary-Ellen McTague

Mary-Ellen McTague, a celebrated chef from Manchester, has significantly influenced the city's culinary scene, from her acclaimed restaurants Aumbry and The Creameries to founding the nonprofit Eat Well MCR during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eat Well MCR, which provides chef-made meals to those in need, became a cornerstone of her community impact. Her latest venture, Pip at Treehouse Hotel Manchester, will feature seasonal, low-waste cooking and local produce, embodying her diverse culinary experience and dedication to high-quality, heartfelt dining.

Pizzeria Mozza Cocktail

The Pip Drinks Programme

Pip's hyper seasonal cocktails will be created in synergy with the kitchen to use spent ingredients to complement the food, served alongside a low intervention wine offering. 

Chef holding fresh produce

Our Produce

Pip will serve an all-day menu focusing on utilising local, seasonal produce from sustainable sources whenever we can. Our vegetables are from Cinderwood Market Garden and Organic North, meat from Littlewoods Butchers, bread from Companio Bakery, with all seafood sustainably sourced from UK waters.