February 22, 2023

National Margarita Day with Casamigos

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To celebrate National Margarita Day we caught up with Cara Watson, Casamigos Brand Ambassador to find out what makes the perfect margarita.

What are the components for the perfect margarita?

Tequila, orange liqueur or triple sec and lime. Or my favourite variation, a Tommy’s Margarita which is simply Tequila, agave syrup and lime.

Any secret ingredients?

I love the versatility of a Margarita; it can handle fresh fruit or even a hit of spice. I love to add 10ml of Mezcal to give it a smoky kick.

What is the best tequila to use in a margarita?

Casamigos Blanco for sure. It has such a smooth, rounded finish but being a blanco tequila it will still give you the young fresh notes we all love in a Margarita.

How should people celebrate National Margarita Day in London?

We are so lucky to have such diverse and vibrant bar scene it is hard to just choose just one way to celebrate. Why not make Margarita Day last longer than just Wednesday. I love to choose a new area and see what different bars are doing. It’s a really exciting way to find new places and taste some incredible agave concoctions. Enjoying tequila with friends is always the best way, embrace the tequila vibes!

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