This Statement on the Use of Cookies (“Statement”) applies to all websites (each a “Site”) of the hotel brands owned and licensed by SH GroupOperations, L.L.C. and its affiliates ("SH Group," “us,” “we,”“our”), including 1 Hotels, Baccarat Hotels & Resorts, Treehouse Hotels,The Jeremy Hotel and Princeville Resort.

This Statement describes the different types of cookies that may be used in connection with the Sites and describes how you can manage cookies.

We may change this Statement at any time. Please take a look at the "LASTUPDATED" section at the bottom of this page to see when this Statement was last revised. Any changes in this Statement will become effective when we make the revised Statement available on or this Site.

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A cookie is a text file that contains small amounts of data downloaded to your device when you visit a web site. A cookie is sent back to the web site on each subsequent visit or to another web site that recognizes that cookie.Cookies enable a website to recognize your computer, mobile, or other device.You can find more information about cookies at:


Cookies are widely used on our Sites in order to improve your experience. For example, we will use Cookies to: 

There are four different categories of cookies used on our Sites: (1)cookies that are strictly necessary; (2) cookies that record functionalityrequests; (3) cookies that assist with the performance of our Sites; and (4)advertising cookies. Each purpose is outlined below.


These cookies are required to allow you to navigate a Site and utilizeits various features, such as accessing secure areas of the Site. Services thatyou have requested, such as making a hotel reservation online, could beprovided without these cookies. These cookies do not collect information thatcould be used for advertising purposes. By using the Site, you agree that wemay place these types of cookies on your device.


These cookies allow a Site to collect information about your choices,such as your region or preferred language. This allows the Site to personalizecontent for you. These cookies can also be used to store login information andto remember the changes you have made to the font, text size, and othercustomizable features on the Site. Although the information collected by thesecookies does not personally identify you, these cookies may be able to identifyyou when combined with other data because they track certain ISP informationfor your settings. They do not gather information about you that could be usedfor advertising or tracking where you have been on the Internet. By using theSite, you agree that we may place these types of cookies on your device.


Thesecookies gather information about how you use this Site in order to ensureefficient operation of the Site’s functions. For example, they may collectinformation regarding whether you encountered problems or errors from one ofthe pages or which pages you visit most often. These cookies do not directlycollect information that personally identifies you. When you provideinformation that identifies yourself, we may use these cookies to providerelevant information on the Site based on your activities and information thatyou have provided on the Site. By using this Site, you agree that we may placethese types of cookies on your device. 


These cookies collect information regarding your browsing habits. Theyare usually placed by third party advertising networks such as those owned byGoogle, Facebook or other third parties. They remember when you visit this Siteand share this information with other organizations, including advertisers.They do this in order to tailor online advertisements to you or your interests.Although these cookies can track your visits to sites on the Internet, thecookies themselves do not usually personally identify you. By using this Site,you agree that we may place these types of cookies on your device.


You can restrict or blockcookies that are set by the Site (or any other site on the Internet) byadjusting your browser settings. 

You may visit to obtain more information regarding cookies andhow to adjust the cookie settings on various browsers. This site explains howto delete cookies from your computer. 

Please be aware that restricting cookies may restrict the functionality of theSite. 

Last Updated: January 15, 2019 

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