Womens Circle candle, feather, stack of old books Womens Circle candle, feather, stack of old books

Cancer Full Moon Women's Circle

Jan 22  |  9.30am arrival, 10 - 11am Ceremony  |  The Nest

Join us for a grounding and enlightening experience in The Nest with meditation guide and sound alchemist, Minal Bhanshali. Whether you are regularly practicing or are a complete beginner everyone is warmly welcomed to this ceremony as we honour the elements and open the circle with a sacred intention followed by a guided chakra meditation.

In partnership with The Merit Club, we’ll be gathering at the sublimely cosy setting of The Nest in Treehouse, with the Moon still Full in the sign of Cancer, to make a sacred alchemical offering and with it release all that no longer serves the higher good of all. When women gather, a sublime magic begins to unravel and we begin to synchronise with the powerful energies of the Moon as she shifts through her own cycles, enabling us to rise, grow full and wane with her, honouring the age old natural cycles of the Divine Feminine energies.


An infusion of the senses, drumming, chanting, scent-scapes and sacred offerings for the Divine.

Join us in ceremony and circle to be witnessed, heard and nurtured by all th eother women who will come together to hold space for one another, just as our ancestors did in by gone eras. Acrosss all continents and in all cultures, women have gathered for millenia.

We will begin the ceremony with a ritual to honour the elements, and open the circle with a sacred intention, we’ll chant, hear each other’s stories and sing medicine songs. And we’ll close this ceremony with a guided chakra meditation for the sacral chakra, to tap into the creative femenine force within us all.


As a trained Vedic yoga teacher, meditation guide and sound alchemist, Minal creates ceremonies that honour the four elements to alchemise the human experience to altered states with the use of subtle energies. Minal holds space for the collective remembrance of our true essence, enabling transformative healing, insight and self-mastery. 

She is a global citizen with a lineage of deeply spiritual tradition, and a lifelong practice of nature-based spirituality that she now incites to guide others to a state of remembrance, to journey within and reconnect to the innate essence of bliss, peace and joy that we each hold within us.