Bird houses Bird houses

The Story of Treehouse

Once upon a time, there was a squeaky bird, a clever fox, and one very loved teddy bear. (Just kidding! But kind of not kidding, as these very well may have been the inspiration for a hotel that thinks more about what you cherish and what you miss while away than about the typical “guest experience.”)

London Hallway Middle

Turning Back the Clock

Treehouse Hotel was founded on the ideas that inspire a child to build a treehouse. Adventure, independence, cozy spaces and repurposing crafty things are what make a place warm and special. That’s why every Treehouse Hotel celebrates found objects, nostalgic tunes, handmade details and locally sourced treats.

London Rooftop Middle

Looking Forward Together

We hope you’ll feel the love inside Treehouse Hotels just as much as we’ve loved creating them for you. We know you live in a time where connections matter! So we celebrate those with seamless connectivity and intimate gathering spaces to make new friends or catch up with old ones.

Feel Right at Home

“The concept for Treehouse Hotel has been living in my soul for many years. A special place that feels more “home” than “hotel”...cozy, welcoming, warm, and somehow oasis after a long day that at once refreshes, inspires, and delights.”