February 10, 2023

The Tree Canopy by Raphael Daden

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Meet British sculptor, Raphael Daden, the artist behind The Tree Canopy at The Nest in Treehouse. We sat down with him to discuss his art, creative process and how nature inspires each piece he creates.

How does nature inspire you and your art?

My connection with the natural world has always been at my root having grown up on the Somerset Levels, nature’s shapes and forms are all around us. I get inspired by water forms, leaves or even shapes of our landscape, as well as the light and colours of a setting sunset. The placing of my work within the natural and urban landscape is also an imported link and inspiration to my work.

How do you want your art to make people feel?

I want people to feel positive and inspired and of course, to provoke thought about the future of our planet through. When you look at The Tree Canopy, I hope that you feel the warmth of light, colour and nature's patterns. I feel that light, colour and nature have the power to transform a space while generating an immediate and impactful response to the viewer. 

Light and colour may be easily dismissed in a world where the streets and cities are saturated by electric light, but my sculpture's abstract form and coloured light separate it from its commercial function, and in doing so, emphasise their uniqueness.

What is the best way for the public to interact with your sculptures?

I hope that the viewer can fully immerse themselves in the light and look for the beauty in every intricate detail.

What message do you want people to take away from The Tree Canopy?

With the new sculptures for Treehouse Hotel London,  I want people to remind themselves of that autumn moment when the light is filtering through the falling leaves.  A time when nature is transforming with colour, and a reminder of the power of the natural world around us. I want people to read the quotes within the sculptures and be inspired to think about their place in the world and how we must protect what nature gives us.


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