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March 3, 2021

Enter the House of VOGA

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House of VOGA is fitness and fashion fused with yoga and dance. We asked founder Juliet Murrell about how she created the concept and how it can help improve our physical and mental wellbeing, especially during these challenging times.

What is VOGA, and how did House of VOGA start?

VOGA is fitness and fashion fused with yoga and dance. It's inspired by Ibiza, House Music, Vogue and '80s pop culture. I think Ibiza was the catalyst.

Take an art director turned yoga teacher to experience her first season in Ibiza with that perfect balance of health and hedonism, and you have the basis for VOGA. Add the discovery of Vogue culture, via a masterclass with Anna Ninja, plus a love of fashion and it's all there.

I experienced illness in my teens, so creating something that prioritized health and wellbeing whilst also offering an outlet for self expression and fun was perfect.

I didn't set out to create VOGA. It naturally evolved out of my yoga practise.

What are the key pillars for House of VOGA?


What are the benefits of VOGA?

It's cardio and holistic, so it strengthens both your mind and body.

There's a strong focus on arm moves which, set to a beat, effortlessly tone your arms without having to do arduous press-ups. That ain't my bag!

All problem areas of the body – arms, bums, abs – are focused on via a carefully curated series of poses and counter poses which work the body right to the peripheries. Each sequence is a full body workout and leaves you feeling werked but energised.

The 7 different workouts from The VOGA Method are designed and loosely shaped around different strands of yoga, so you can fit example experience a more vinyasa style session in VOGA Flow and a more ashtanga style for VOGA Power. 

Top 3 VOGA tracks to add to our playlist?

Stevie Wonder "Love Light in Flight"
Layo and Bushwacka "Love Story"
Solomun "Love Recycled 1"

During lockdown and when practicing social distancing, studies show how important it is to look after our physical and mental wellbeing. Can you share some helpful tips and guidance on how VOGA practice can help us during these challenging times?

Keeping moving and visionary in times like this is everything. Stop moving and you'll feel static and limited. Literally start moving your body and flowing and you'll create flux and momentum in your mind, despite the what's happening around you.

VOGA has worked for me in these times, and while I've been pregnant! It's calmed me down mentally and allowed me to access my inner calm with focused breathwork while also getting me dancing all round my house and garden to my favourite tunes. Music is the key to VOGA and the soundtrack of 80s, House and Balearic Beats, ideally played out of a bassey sound system, never fails to get me motivated, energised and creative and feeling that sense of freedom that we all desperately need right now.

I'm in my natural flow when I'm doing VOGA and I know it has the same effect on Voguettes.

By joining a Virtual VOGA session at the Nest, you too can experience the euphoria of simply dancing it out to a breathflow on your Saturday morning! 

Taking part in a communal class in such an aspirational setting creates such a positive synergy and we already have Voguettes who come back time after time to up skills but also feel part of the VOGA crew. 

Synchronised, aligned, slick arm movements, on beat fused with grounding and opening body shapes work a treat on upping serotonin levels and creating a body that responds quickly with daily practise. The moves are easy to follow but effective and perfect for practising at home on a daily basis. The strong repetitive carefully-created movements hone specific parts of the body while you lose yourself to the beat and have fun at the same time. 

The chance to feel part of a community at this time is so important and we thank you all for joining us and sharing the buzz of this workout. Please share your experience with us and we hope to see you again soon on your dance mat.

Join our virtual weekend workouts with House of VOGA every Saturday in March! Learn more here.

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